Script Categories

Alerts, Prompts Etc.
Scripts with alerts and prompts as the prime entertainment. Scripts for alert on page entry, prompt for a name, random quotes, and more.

Browser Information
Scripts for finding out the browser your viewer is using, “view source” scripts, “no right click” scripts, bookmark scripts, and other things relating to a browser.

JavaScript calculators for various purposes.

Keep the time in various ways on your web site using the various JavaScript clocks that are available.

Color Charts/Color Changers
Various uses of color changes.

Email Scripts
Scripts involving email and/or spam prevention.

Form Validation Scripts
Scripts that allow you to validate content entered by your viewers into forms.

Scripts that allow your visitors to play games on your web site.

Image Scripts
Rollovers (Image Flips), random images, slide shows, and other image scripts.

Various scripts that do not fit in other categories.

Scripts used for navigation, such as drop boxes, back buttons, menu scripts, and others.

Password Scripts
Password scripts (not necessarily secure) for your pages.

Scrolling text, news tickers, and other similar scripts.

Window Scripts
Opening new windows (popup windows), remote controls, and frame scripts.